Calling all Bachelorette party organizers!  Looking for something different? …Then give us a call!

If putting on a tight white dress and rocking a veil while stumbling from bar to bar isn’t really your thing, don’t worry; you have options when it comes to your Bachelorette party.

We are the only mobile event party company in the DFW area that will show up and let you have a party right out your door. The Airstream can host up to 8 guests comfortably. Sit back, chat with your friends and relax while you enjoy some cool tunes
in our state of the art audio system.

Fun things that can be planned for the Bachelorette parties:
Host a DIY spa session
Host a DIY make your own perfume session
Host a DIY make your own ceramic tile coasters, glass charmers,
or organic scrubs session
Wine Tasting session
Boudoir session

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