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Airstream InteriorAirstream Interior

The Perfect Bridal Suite!

Our wedding rental Airstream/Bridal Suite brings a truly great solution for reception sites with no private area. Use the Airstream trailer as your personal space on that special day and experience a beautiful interior which provides ample room and ambiance. Decorate the bridal suite with your desired color scheme and enjoy some music and hot or cold refreshments while you chill. The Airstream trailer bridal suite serves both as a getaway space as your wedding party prepares for the event and also spices up as a great photo prop for the wedding party. Need a beauty bar? Use the Airstream as a private space to pretty yourself up as your prep for the great occasion. The Groom can use it as a Grooms lounge as he awaits his beautiful bride.

Imagine how gorgeous it would look when we pull up the Airstream alongside a beautiful scenery. This will definitely make you fall in love all over again. The beautiful zip dee awning provides a unique feature as well as additional space once opened up and can serve as a bar or lounge area. The awning instantly creates a welcoming space outside the trailer and creates a festive atmosphere. Give your wedding the WOW factor with this adorable gem!

Rates starting at $110/hour with a 3 hour minimum. (Book Now and get 20% off your booking!)

We know everyone’s special day is unique; give us a call or use the contact form for custom pricing requests.

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